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Norriseal Controls
Liquid Level Controllers · Liquid Level Switches · Liquid Level Gauges · Chambers & Domes · Pressure Controllers
Control Valves · Regulators · Check Valves · Butterfly Valves
norriseal_controlv_series2220_HighPressure norriseal_liquidlc_series1001_Pneumatic 3D Instruments (Accu-Drive Gauges)
3D and Sierra Precision Gauges are manufactured with a difference for your most rugged and demanding applications! Process or Test, Digital, or mechanical, 3D brings the same standard of quality and excellence to the entire product line.
Chemical Injection Technologies
SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinators are designed for the water and wastewater treatment needs of the new millennium.The chlorination industry’s most experienced and creative minds have designed rugged products that combine the most proven elements of existing technology with innovative new solutions.
ChemicalInjectionTechnologies Catalytic Heaters Industries, Inc.
World Leader in Flameless
Gas Infrared Catalytic Heaters
to Prevent Pipeline Freezing
• Gas Production
• Transmission pipelines
• Distribution Systems
Catalytic Heaters-index.1 Catalytic Heaters-2
Dualco Behind every Dualco product stands a company committed to quality. Dualco standard maintenance products do not contain Teflon®, clay, talc, wax, acid, caustic, or solvents that add to your valve maintenance problems. Dualco-qs_2000a Dualco-2 Scientific Linings & Coatings The patented Weather Cap device is a molded blend of plastics and ultraviolet inhibitors. The reusable device installs without tools and meets or exceeds environmental requirements. scientific linings
Solon Manufacturing Company Solon Manufacturing Co. is committed to supplying the highest quality Belleville Springs and Industrial Control products. With sound engineering resulting in practical answers, Solon is able to meet the demands of extreme applications in various industries including: •chemical Processing •Off Shore Drilling •Electrical Distribution •Petroleum, Oil and Gas •Petrochemical, and many others. Solon Red River Instrument Providing orifice plates for the natural gas industry, Red River Instrument was the first orifice plate manufacturing facility to use its own Laser Machine. This machine cuts the outside diameter and will consistently hold one ten thousandth of an inch. Red-River-1 Red-River-2
Drain-All Drain-All, Inc. provides unique product solutions for draining and moving liquids, specializing in condensate removal from compressed air and gas equipment and systems. Other products are available for refrigeration and process equipment. Drain-All’s Quality System is ISO Certified and its products are the most reliable in the industry. Drain-All-M1700 Drain-All-Volume-Handler Blancett Flow Meters Blancett manufactures rugged and accurate stainless steel turbine flow meters. Originally designed for the North American oil industry, today Blancett turbines serve customers in petrochemical, semiconductor, food and beverage and process control industries throughout the world. BlancettFlowMeters
D & V
Engineered & Assembled in Corpus Christi, Texas at Duke Controls Inc.
D&V-ExtractorPics 013 Crystal Engineering Corporation products have a very accurate “of reading” specification, and are not derated for temperature effects. To assure these specifications, each gauge and calibrator is thoroughly tested under varying environmental conditions. CrystalEngineering2 CrystalEngineering1
Automation Technology ATI Provides actuators and controls for the most demanding and critical pipeline applications, such as, line break, station bypass, and emergency shutdown systems. Automation Technology ATI provides systems operating on air, natural gas, or hydraulic power.
Miscellaneous Products
Barton Meters
Daniel & Canalta Meter Tubes
Stainless Steel Tubing & Fittings
Dial Thermometers
Graphic Charts and Pens
Parker/Phoenix Valves
Leveling Saddles
Ball Valves
Miscellaneous Products (cont.)
Sonney Orifice Computers
High & Low Pressure Regulators
Meter Houses
Chart Drives
Synflex Hose
Wellmark & Mercer Relief Valves & Gastec Tubes

Automation Technology ATI